Hideout Market Statistics

The Hideout is a fantastic, recreational based, vacation community.  A large portion of the homes in The Hideout are vacation homes, approximately 60-70%.  With that said, the fact that vacation homes or a commodity rather than a necessity they do tend to change hands a bit more often than full time homes.  Also you can now even do a virtual tour of a display home rather than physically going to the site.

The month of May saw approx. 17 homes close in The Hideout.  A wide range of price range from a $365,000 lakefront to a $70,000 Chalet.  The Hideout also saw about 52 new rental listings during May, all of them covered by our local Landlord insurance company.  This is expected as many home owners leave their homes off the market for the Winter and get them back on for Spring. (Which I actually do not recommend as homes do sell during the winter).

Here are the year to date stats:

Closed deals so far this year:          47
New Listings this year:                 128
Total Hideout listings available:   232

I expect those numbers to improve as we are just now getting to the best selling season for the Hideout!

You can see that The Hideout is still in the state of being a “buyers” market…..we just need the buyers to realize it!  Good amount of homes to chose from, great prices, financing in most case still below 4.5%

Now is the time to jump on in if you have been considering buying a Hideout home!