Hideout Permits and Fees

Hello Hideout fans, Dave Kovaleski with Re/Max Best here.  Are you thinking that perhaps this is the year you build your deck, add a shed, improve your landscaping?  If so, I thought it would be a great idea to let you know the costs to acquire the permit through The Hideout POA:

Here are a few non-fee permits:

Vinyl siding, re-roofing, painting/staining, generators.

Here are the permits that require a fee:
Additions  $50.00                             New Homes:  $500.00
Attached Garages:  $60.00               Pet Enclosures:  $10.00
New Deck:  $50.00                          Porches/Sun rooms:  $50.00
Deck Replacement:  $50.00             Propane Tank:   $15.00
Detached Garages:  $60.00              Retaining Wall:  $20.00
Docks/Bulkhead:  $50.00                Shed:  $40.00
Driveway:  $40.00                           Lot Clearing Tree:  $20.00
Landscape:  $30.00                         New Home Construction Tree Removal (refundable fee) $3,000.00

There you have it, a complete list of permits and fees.  Happy Improving!

Information acquired from The Hideout About paper.